Scam firm

Around 2011 this ‘firm’ scammed many investors. They were based in Spain but pretended to be in London.

They sold carbon credits for a massive profit for themselves. They said that investors would make a good return about a year later with ‘secured exits’. They lied the whole time, the carbon credits can not be resold after the initial purchase.

They used pressure sales tactics, loading, aggression and other scam methods to extract the maximum from their clients. Investors got nothing from their carbon credit deals.360 worked on behalf of Carbonex SARL who bought the carbon credits initially. Carbonex SARL were as bad as 360 Invest group. Carbonex SARL teamed up with Alternative Markets to run a recovery scam. Previous investors were contacted with an offer to ‘convert’ the credits into a different sort, for a big fee. Then both Carbonex SARL and Alternative Markets disappeared, like 360.

After that the investors details were sold on to other scam investment firms to con the clients again.

The main tool for these groups is the phone. If you get a call about investing take care –

.They will claim to be a well know firm but are simply cloning them

.They will not be where they say they are, probably in a different country where the laws of your country do not apply.

.They will have a good answer for all your questions, they have been practicing lying.

.They will then pass you on to another team member to complete the job.

.This new person knows you are interested and are ready to part with money, they will take your money then advise you to put in even more.

.They may use solicitors for the deals to make themselves seem respectable. What you may not know is that the solicitors are scammers also.

.They may display certifications and other authoritative symbols on their website, they are probably faked.

.Provided you do keep putting in more money they will be polite.

.If you don’t then they will become aggressive and rude.

.Either way after about a year they disappear.

.Then a new firm will come along offering a way out of the mess, for a fee. The fee can be given various fictitious names like ‘conversion fee’, ‘registration fee’ etc. They also take the money and run.

.Then more phone calls will come from other investment firms with the same patter. More cons

Then they run away to other countries to start over again.

They had a website 360 Invest group old site

They have been discussed at